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What's more popular? TV? Smartphones? Tablets?

by Otis Day

Where are smartphones hottest? Where are the cities where iPads are most popular? Who watches the most live TV?

Nielsen released their first study of media habits in 25 major American metropolitan areas.

Here are some findings:

1. Live TV viewing is most popular in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Midwestern cities including Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland and St. Louis, where viewers spent an average of more than 5 hours a day watching live TV. St. Louis residents and Clevelanders spent the most time watching time-shifted TV at almost an hour a day.

2. Orlando residents had the biggest year-to-year increase in overall viewing, up 25%, while Miami and Minneapolis TV usage declined 23% and 24%, respectively.

3. San Franciscans were most likely to own iPads and other tablet devices: 36% of homes there did, followed by Boston with 35% and Washington, D.C., where one in three residents had one. New York, Denver and Baltimore were the fastest-growing in tablet ownership: Each went up 19% from last year. iPad usage was lowest in Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Phoenix, where 10% or fewer use them.

4. Among iPad owners, just 3% use them to read newspapers.

5. Smartphones are most popular in Houston, where 76% of people 13 and older own one, followed by Dallas (73%), Washington and Sacramento (72%), Miami (71%) and Los Angeles and San Francisco (70%).

5. Video on demand is most popular in Dallas and Detroit, and less popular in Charlotte and Los Angeles. 

I originally read this story on usatoday.com