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These 10 things are slowly killing you

by Otis Day

1. Sitting--Even if you regularly exercise, sitting too long is bad. Reduce the amount of sitting every day by 2 to 3 hours and live longer.

2. Sleeping too much--Sleeping too little is bad, so is sleeping too much. More than nine hours a night regularly gives you a 41% higher risk for heart disease than people who sleep seven to eight hours a night.

3. Staring at a screen--Take away 2 hours of staring at a screen a day (TV, Computer, Smartphone) and you can add two to three years to your life.

4. Taking medication for non life-threatening illnesses--Taking medication for things like insomnia or anxiety can reduce the amount of time you're alive and anxious or not sleeping.

5. Lacking a sense of humor--Laughter helps boost your immune system, reduces stress, and provides an emotional release. Plus it burns calories.

6. A long commute--People with commutes longer than 30 minutes die earlier than others. Because you have less time for exercise and sleep. 

7. Stressing out—Stress can actually damage DNA. I'm not gonna go into the scientific mumbo-jumbo, just trust me. It's bad.

8. Not having sex--Yay!!!!!!

9. Eating Poorly--Things like processed foods, too much red meat, and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables all lead to health problems and can shorten your life. Put it down tubby!

10. Being anti-social--Get off Facebook and get out a bit!