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The guy who just keeps winning

by Otis Day

Story originally published at Missionviejo.patch.com

An Orange County, CA computer analyst has gotten so good at the claw machine that he's nabbed an estimated 6,000 to 7,000 stuffed animals since 1997.

He travels around from different machines in his area every week and wins time after time.

His record on a single trip is 34.

He donates the stuffed animals to his church, or if there's a crowd while he's winning, he'll hand a few out there.

*** He has a few tips if you want to win:

• Look for the one key prize that has locked the others into place, and jostle it
• Drop the claw in front of the prize, then push it backwards
• As you squeeze the claw, try dragging the prize toward the opening at the same time