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Keep your brew cold and bubbly

by Otis Day

I've never understood the need for the need to keep your beer cold. How long are you spending drinking it? If it's getting warm, you're drinking it wrong. 

But for you folks who think koozies are as lame as I do, there's The Chillsner. 

The Chillsner, developed by Orlando-based gadget company Corkcicle, looks like an icicle and sits inside the bottle in order to keep beer cold 'until the last sip'.

Designed to fit any standard 9-inch long-neck bottle, the chiller contains a thermal gel which has to be frozen for at least 90 minutes before use.

The Chillsner will be available in June and costs around $29.95. It will come with a freezer pack and two coasters 

I got the story from dailymail.co.uk