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Can you marry your 5th cousin?

by Otis Day

Amy called in to WIXX today because she's engaged to her 5th cousin, and it came up at work today. Her co-worker walked away after she told her and it felt a little awkward. So Amy wanted to know what others thought. Most people think it's fine, but there are some people who for sure think it's wrong. 

Here are some of the texts I got (I copied them word for word, spelling mistakes and all):

I would suspect that a good portion of the listening audience is either married to their 5th cousin or someone in their family. They share great-​great-​great-​great grandparents. That is not even family at that point 

Better to marry a 5th cousin than a 5th husband 

Will everyone sit on the same side in church 

If you have to ask if it's disgusting. It is disgusting and that is disgusting 

Not wierd the relationship is actually 5th ccousin x# removed We are all related if you go far enough back Thier kids will be normal :) 

Arent we all related in someway? 

5th cousin means you share the same great-​great-​great-​great grandparent, sounds weird but you probably can't even put a name to a great-​great-​great-​great 

It is really weired 

*Oooootttttiiiiiissssss!!!! Ur telling me out of all the men in the world the only guy this chick could find was a relative?? She ever hear the phrase " lets go out tonight"? To me it always meant meeting people u don't know. She must have only heard that phrase at the family reunion!!!  

1/2 That won't hurt her offspring, genetically. There are people who meet and marry who are related closer than that. States only outlaw 1st and some outlaw 

I'd look at her wierd too 

I say if they love each other, go for it! 

Why does it matter, dudes are marrying each other now days 

their guarenteed to always have something in common 

Here's a video that kind of explains 5th cousins.