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Baby names just keep getting stranger and stranger

by Otis Day

Katniss, the hero of "The Hunger Games" played by Jennifer Lawrence in the movie, is one of the fastest-rising names for girls in 2013.

How 'bout Django for boys?

A story at today.com  says movie-influenced monikers are among the most popular baby names so far in 2013, according to online database Nameberry, which calculated the list based on the most viewed name pages on its site.

Names inspired by movies and chosen by celebrities for their kids are a big part of the list.

Imogen, which means beloved child, topped the choices for girls. Asher, a Biblical name that means fortunate or happy, was big for boys.

Here are Nameberry's top baby names for the first half of 2013:


1. Imogen

2. Charlotte

3. Harper

4. Eleanor

5. Violet

6. Amelia

7. Seraphina

8. Isla

9. Penelope

10. Katniss


1. Asher

2. Finn

3. Declan

4. Django

5. James

6. Oliver

7. Henry

8. Atticus

9. Owen

10. Milo