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Who Is The Eggman?

by Nick Vitrano

"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together." Yeah, but who is the egg man?

As we kick off "Egg Month," tip your cap to the unknown pioneer of the culinary world - he who first took a chance on a solid, white, ovular excretion of a hen's...well...vent. Seriously, the incredible edible egg owes everything to that individual who first came across it and said to himself, "Yeah, I'll eat that."

Maybe it was a dare, maybe it really did look good to the guy, I don't know. I'm, just sayin' that this revolutionary figure in our culinary history is unknown. Where would we be without the egg? Washington, Franklin, Edison, Einstein - I am proposing that level of greatness, that degree of social influence, yet his name has been omitted from the history books. I do not find his face on a stamp or a piece of U.S. currency.

I want the egg man! And I don't mean John Lennon.