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There’s No Way This is Real

by Nick Vitrano

All right, on the surface, this video looks like just another mascot/fan incident.  These kinds of things happen all the time in arenas across the country.  Usually it’s pretty simple, innocent fun.  On rare occasion, they get a little out-of-hand.  This one starts out innocently enough, but by the end (make sure you stay until the end), its accelerates way beyond a little out-of-hand:

Wow, right?  I don’t know.  I’m leaning “staged.”

OK.  First of all, I get why Baldy Von Rocket Fan is a bit upset.  Beer is not cheap, and Jazz Bear lands a direct hit.  But seriously dude, dumping it on the mascot’s head not only wastes the beer in entirety, it’s a d-nozzle move.  But fans have demonstrated far greater d-nozzlery than this, so I’m still on board at that point.  But then the guy is permitted to return to his seat.  What?  Still, I’m in, but getting a little suspicious.  I suppose dude could have been ushered out, cooled off, and all is good – hand shake and head nod…okay, back to hoops.

But then this dealy-o turns WWE.  

Jazz Bear returns to the scene with a bucket of revenge.  After landing a direct hit, it’s the fan who is hauled out.  Nothing said or done to the Bear, save a series of high fives.  How is the Jazz Bear not taken down?  Heck, before that, how did the Jazz Bear get by the two...not one, but two...arena officials - and a security guard?!  That's one slippery bear.  Honestly.  Then there's the more obvious: how does that costume protect the dude inside of it from legal obligation?  It doesn’t. 

It's funny, and well orchestrated...but it's fake.