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So, You Played In the 70s, Right?

by Nick Vitrano

This morning, NBC's Today Show aired a sit down with Matt Lauer and Brett Favre to discuss the hottest (and perhaps greatest) issues facing the National Football League – concussions, bullying, and the future of football.  Favre has recently admitted to memory problems, and as Lauer prods, the NFL’s “toughest man” has an opportunity to return to the league, not as a player, but as a player advocate for safety.   

It’s serious business, but having sat center-stage here in Green Bay as the Favre saga played out over three years, it’s hard for me to watch this video and not relive a lot of that drama.  The funny thing is that I view Favre in a much more pathetic light these days.  I mean, just looking at this video – how old does Brett Favre look?  His 44-year-old face could fool even the best carny.  The guy looks like he played in the 1970s.  This is the dude Bus Cook said still could play ? 

I can’t figure out who he looks like, but he looks like somebody.  Regardless, it’s an old somebody – a shell of his former, invincible, “because-I-can” persona.  Some will call it karma.  Some will call it sad.  Regardless of which side you endorse, it’s sobering.