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Remember when?

by Nick Vitrano

Social advancements are great, but there is always collateral damage.  This isn’t one of those “you know the technology we employ to make our lives simpler only makes them more complicated” post…although that is true.  No, this is a shout-out to the orphans of the new technological age.

Prank phone calls – I love caller ID, but it’s destroyed the ability to call a friend and ask in a creepy voice “What are you wearing?” (then hang up).

Thank you notes – When was the last time you got one?  I still write them and receive them, but the numbers are rapidly dwindling.  Perhaps writing in general should be the analysis here.  E-mailing, especially texting, has destroyed our ability to form legitimate sentences.  U no wut im sayn?

The road trip navigator – Remember when you used to have to have a map, had to know a street name, and had a need for a human passenger to aid in your travels?  GPS travel is kind of lonely.

Funny answering machine messages – I used to change my answering machine message every week, using various impressions and community event references.  There’s nothing in this voicemail age that prevents us from doing the same, but for some reason we never do.

The music store – Sam Goody and Musicland were weekly stops for me at Mayfair Mall.  Thumbing through all the new albums and singles and checking out the cover art.  I love the convenience of iTunes, but I miss the physical experience.  As long as I’m in the music vein…mix tapes.  Oh how I miss you, mix tape.

Waiting in line for concert tickets, using pay phones, asking for directions, setting the VCR

Advancements have rendered these obsolete.  It’s not the worst thing.  It’s just a fun game of “remember when?”  What are some of the everyday aspects of your life that once were and are no more?