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No Penelope? Boo SNL!

by Nick Vitrano

For the first time in a long while, I was really excited for Saturday Night Live last weekend.  Kristen Wiig was the host.  The former cast member lent herself to some of the sketch show’s best moments over the past 7 years.  From the Target Lady to Gilly to Kat to Shanna to Penelope…she always delivered

Cue the sad trombone:

Aside from the Mother’s Day flowers spoof and a few Weekend Update one-liners (that she did not deliver), the show was unwatchable.  The Target Lady was just OK, Kat and Garth were decent, but that was about it.  The biggest travesty was that some of her finest offerings – Penelope (especially) and Shanna and Gilly – were conspicuously absent. 

Boo SNL: