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Nick’s Tip: Shucking Corn Has Never Been Easier

by Nick Vitrano

Zack and Kelly. Tony and Angela. Cory and Topanga. Jim and Pam. Sonny and Cher. Sweet corn and summertime. They just go together, though shucking corn is a pain the rear, especially those pesky little silks. But no longer!

Today's tip: Shucking corn, silks and all, in one simple step (oh, and you'll cook it, too)

Here's what youll need:

  • The corn.
  • A microwave.
  • A glove (or towel).
  • A sharp knife.

So here you go...

#1: Take the entire piece of corn - uncut, unshucked - and place it in the microwave.

#2: Cook approximately 4 minutes per ear - microwaves vary.

#3: Remove the ears using a towel or oven mitt or, as I prefer, the Ove Glove, and set on a cutting board.

#4: Keep that towel wrapped around the corn or keep your glove on - yeah, it's that hot and steamy. Take your sharp knife, the Ronco "Showtime" knife is the preferred piece of cutlery in the Vitrano home, and cut off the base of the corn about 1/2 inch above the "handle."

#5: Then simply grab the cob at the top, twist, pull. The husk, silks and all, will slide right off. And there you go: butter it, salt it, and go to town. Or, if you're a fan of grilling the corn, you can finish it on the grate like you would a pre-cooked sausage.

If you're patently against microwaving your food for anything other than reheating, removing the husks and the silks doesn't have to be a major deal. Here's another tip for ya: peel the corn and wrap a rubber band around your hand. Rub the rubber band up and down the cob and the silks will come right off. Otherwise, the microwave tip can be replicated on the grill. Soak the corn, unshucked, then place on the grill to cook. The wet husks will steam the corn from the inside out and prevent the husks from burning over the flames. Then cut and "peel" the same as above.

If you're patently against removing the handle from the cob, I'm afraid this tip is not for you.

Happy corn eating, everybody.

Tease Image: By Jeremy Keith from Brighton & Hove, United Kingdom (Corn husks Uploaded by F) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons