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Nick’s Tip: ‘Reach’ For This In The Kitchen

by Nick Vitrano

As with any holiday season, we’re gonna eat a lot over the next moth.  From preparation to presentation, this tip can make your culinary life a little easier. 

I learned this one while working at Suzy’s Cream Cheesecakes in Milwaukee.  We had a sweet air compressed slicer deal that cut the cakes and inserted a wax paper separator between the slices at one time.  I loved using that thing.  But occasionally there was a specialty cake that didn’t work well in the slicer or a cake that was a bit too soft or a special request that required us to hand slice the cheesecake. 

If you’ve ever tried to slice a cheesecake (or a soft cheese or a warm brownie) with a knife, you know it can be a tricky deal.  There are plenty of tips for making that easier, but why dip the knife in warm water after each cut when you can forego the knife altogether? 

Enter dental floss.

That’s right, ‘Reach’ for some unflavored dental floss to make cuts in the kitchen easier and cleaner.  From cakes to cheeses to breads to brownies to cookie dough….heck, to a burrito…the dental floss is a fantastic slicer.