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Nick’s Tip: Never Again Forget

by Nick Vitrano

A late evening, emergency trip for printer ink led to today's tip. Thanks to my check-out gal for the good conversation and this great suggestion for eliminating grocery aisle second-guessing.

I'm a pretty diligent list maker when it comes to grocery shopping, but no matter how meticulous, I still find myself, during walkway wanderings, wondering to myself, "Do I need that?" Salad dressing, ketchup, tortillas, cheese (I never seem to remember if I have cheese), olive oil...whatever. I generally err on the side of purchase, generally resulting in pantry overstock, and generally always the same thing. It's amazing how many boxes of graham crackers one can accumulate. Anyway, the solution is so simple, it's scary.

Today's tip: eliminate the doubt...with your camera!

Yes, its just that simple. Snap a photo of your pantry, your fridge contents, even your spice cabinet, and in that moment of uncertainty, just take a peek. Do you have bread crumbs? I don't know. Check the pic to be sure...but the answer probably is yes.