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​Nick’s Tip: Don’t Pitch the Peeps!

by Nick Vitrano

Ahh Peeps...arguably the most divisive holiday candy in existence. Think about it. Do you know anyone who's "just ok" with Peeps? You either love em or you hate em. Me? I'm a Peeps lover and am ecstatic that, over the years, Peeps have poked their marshmallow heads into the holiday periphery. You can get Peeps for Halloween and Christmas and Valentines Day and pretty much every occasion nowadays. Fantastic.

And though I am a proponent of Peeps, even I will tire of them every Easter. So the quandary is: what to do with the leftover Peeps? Sure, you can just chuck 'em. Most people do precisely that. But Peeps can be very useful. Thats where were going today on "Just The Tip:"

Crafts . Of course the kids will want to eat 'em, but Peeps and glue are a natural match. Make a wreath or a collage or grab some fishing line and fashion a necklace or garland or whatever. Peeps crafts can occupy your kids for hours. When you just want to sit in peace with a cup of coffee and a slice of pie after Easter dinner, toss the Elmer's and a handful of Peeps on the coloring table and settle in.

Cooking . Peeps s'mores are AWESOME. Any place you would use a marshmallow, use a Peep. If you're interested in other recipes, just Google it, or click HERE .

Packaging . Peeps are a great, light weight packing material. Surround your item with Peeps in the old cardboard box and take it to the post office.

Peeps Jousting . Grab two Peeps and two toothpicks. Insert one pick into each Peep, place on opposite ends of a paper plate, put in the microwave, set the timer, and hit start. The first Peep to impale the other is the winning Peep.

Chalk . My father introduced us to the wonderful world of Peeps chalk. Dry out those suckers and then go to town on the chalkboard, the driveway, wherever chalk drawing is encouraged in your home.

I encourage you to eat your Peeps, but if you're left with Peeps in abundance this post-Easter week, try some of the above - or just drop them off here at the station - I'll be happy to eat 'em up for ya.