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Let the wild rumpus start!

by Nick Vitrano

Happy birthday to Maurice Sendak, author of one of the greatest books ever written: “Where the Wild Things Are.”  You’ve probably noted the shout-out in your Google browser today. 

What a great book.  It was the hands-down favorite of my older brother, Vince, so it sort of became a default favorite of mine, as it was a must-read at bedtime.  Shouts of “let the wild rumpus start” precipitated just about every activity of my childhood – sledding, wrestling, Slip ‘n Slide…dinner.  We would roar our terrible roars, gnash our terrible teeth, roll our terrible eyes, and show our terrible claws at any opportunity.  Being a perpetually hungry fella, I always identified with Max for sacrificing his kingdom for good things to eat.  But nowhere greater can the “life imitating art” influence be observed than in the fact that my nephew’s name, Max, is direct tribute to the costumed one.

What was your favorite book as a kid?