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Key To Weight Loss Revealed

by Nick Vitrano

Our chat this morning of things from our childhood to which we dedicated an illogical amount of energy reminded me of my favorite record of my youth...yeah, record.  

Dudes in my age bracket, mid-30s, are pretty much the last category of humans who purchased vinyl albums (and casette tapes) out of necessity.  Sure CDs were commercially available in the early 80’s, but (at least as far as I was concerned) the technology wasn’t affordable enough until much later in the decade.  Hey, I was just a lowly paperboy, people!

Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet,” Def Leppard’s “Hysteria,” and Van Halen’s “1984” were among my favorites, but I wore out the grooves of one album more than any other in my collection: “Rocky Fun and Fitness.”

(By http://collectorsfrenzy.com/details/140891008572/ROCKY_FUN_AND_FITNESS_1983_Record__poster_PreEXPENDABLES_Sylvester_Stallone)

The cover, as you can see, featured the champ fully belted out, so it had to be post Rocky II, maybe even Rocky III, and came with the promise of delivering similar results to the child who dedicated himself to Rocco’s training regimen, a routine fully divulged on the included exercise poster.  The windmill, the wall sit, jumping jacks...who knew it was so simple to conquer the boxing world?

I fell just short of achieving the physique on the cover, but it wasn’t for lack of effort…I’m pretty sure it was for lack of steroid use.      

Mom, please tell me that record is still somewhere in the basement.