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Hola means hello

by Nick Vitrano

I took 11 years of Spanish and was quite fluent by the time I exited college.  Outside of the scholastic obligation, I really enjoyed taking foreign language.  It hasn’t served me greatly in life, aside from the occasional reference, restaurant order, or a dirt-cheap acquisition in a Cancun open market.  On that last one, it really does benefit to have a Spanish speaking individual with you in those barter situations, not to use it, but to pretend like you don’t speak it.  Often the employees will discuss with one another how low to barter.  Listen, then offer them just under that figure.  Worst-case scenario: you walk out of there with their lowest clearance.  It can net you some pretty good stuff for pretty cheap, especially in the jewelry department.

Anyway, over the years my ability to work within the Spanish language has plummeted.  I’m amazed at how quickly it has slipped through my fingers since I haven’t needed to use it for as long as I schooled myself in it.  But some stuff just sticks with ya, and it’s always the stuff that you learned in the first month of class, isn’t it?  This is one of my favorite YouTube videos ever.  Anyone who has ever taken a foreign language, especially Spanish, will get a kick out of it: