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Greg Jennings Can't Be This Nuts, Can He?

by Nick Vitrano

So this photo of a Greg Jennings autographed Vikings helmet is making the rounds on the internet right now.  Next to his signature, it is clearly written “Packers suck.”

So the question is…real or fake?

This certainly could be photoshopped.  It certainly could be an autographed helmet on which the individual who secured it wrote “Packers suck” after the fact.  And even if the dude asked him to put that on there, Greg Jennings isn’t that dumb, is he?

I think he is.

First of all, I absolutely believe this is a real picture, that is to say, it is not a photoshopped phrase on an otherwise benign Greg Jennings helmet.  So for me, the issue is how did it get there?  Before or after Jennings signed the helmet?

The writing is pretty distinctive when it comes to 2 letters: "a" and "e."  The “a” is a type style “a,” the same that you see on this page.  Not many people go that route.  The “e” has a very clear top line to it, almost as though the writer scribbled a backwards “j” and then drew a line across the top and middle.

I’m not a handwriting expert, but take a look at a shoe Jennings signed earlier in his career and was auctioned off on ebay:

Sure looks like the same "a" and "e" to me (and even the same "s" and "u").  Hmm....

Image #1: @Adam_Vieau via Twitter (https://twitter.com/Adam_Vieau/status/380134858065866753/photo/1 )

Image #2: ebay seller ryount82 via ebay  (http://www.ebay.com/itm/TWO-GREG-JENNINGS-AUTOGRAPHED-GAME-USED-CLEATS-2008-Packers-/121157583555?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c358e02c3 )