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Amazon To Use Drones?

by Nick Vitrano

On “60 Minutes” last night, Amazon revealed a plan in R&D to have packages delivered within 30 minutes of order…via drone.  It’s called Prime Air:

I’m all for technology, and I must admit that the video is pretty sweet, but this one has me pulling the reigns.  First of all, what’s to stop some dude from picking off a drone in mid-air en route to its destination?  What if the drone decides to drop the package not harmlessly on your patio, but on the roof of your three seasons porch?  How would you like to be neighbors with the family that lives online and orders exclusively through Amazon – drones flyin’ around all day?  But most critically, how is the air space going to be regulated?  They claim it’s being addressed, and of course it won’t go forward without being addressed, but I just have visions of the FedEx commercial from a few years back: