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Camp injuries mount

by Mark Daniels

Another day, another four players down with injuries.  At least Johnny Jolly made it through half of today's workout before rolling his ankle.   Dezmon Moses sat it out entirely with a bad toe, fellow linebacker Nate Palmer injured his shoulder and David Fulton was down with a knee injury.  That makes 14 of the 89 players not participating just five practices into camp.

Mike McCarthy isn't all that concerned, saying it's par for the camp course.  None of new injuries are considering serious.  Tramon Williams' knee could keep him out through next week.  With numbers dwindling at positions like defensive back and wide receiver, opportunities are increasing for those down the depth chart pecking order.  DB's like Loyce Means and Brandon Smith have had their rep counts climb,, same for receivers like Tyrone Walker and Myles White.  All four of those players are showing the NFL isn't too big for them.

Every player has good days and bad and for B.J. Coleman, it was one of those bad ones.  He threw a pair of interceptions.  Mike McCarthy said Morgan Burnett made a good play on the first as Coleman sidestepped the rush, moved to his right and (the cardinal sin) threw late over the middle.   McCarthy said Coleman was fooled on his second but those are mistakes you expect from a quarterback at B.J.'s stage of development.  On his good days, Coleman appears able to push Graham Harrell for the number two job and to tell you the truth, his upside might be better long term.  But it's probably too risky if Aaron Rodgers is one hangnail away from having Coleman running the offense in the regular season.  Harrell did make perhaps his best throw of camp during a team run period, off play action, he hit James Jones up the right sideline three steps behind Micah Hyde.

Eddie Lacy ran hard today.  He can thump entering a hole with momentum.  He also worked with the first team offense in the final, no huddle period of practice.  Johnathan Franklin was blur through a hole on the left side.  While the rookie backs are showing a lot of promise, the veterans, James Starks and Alex Green, won't give up their snaps without a fight.

I'll be curious to see if the team starts dragging a bit on Thursday as it will be a third straight practice in full pads.   I'll let you know.  Thursday night by the way, I'll be hosting a fun event for Packers fans.   It's the Y100, Packer Fan Tours Happy Hour at the Tundra Lodge.  It runs from 4-7 PM.  We'll have cool Packer items to give away and I'll be on hand to talk a little football and field some questions.  Hope to see you there.