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Man Wakes Up With Amnesia....You're My Hot Wife?

by Murphy

Either this guy's reaction is genuine, or he's just brilliant. But either way, I don't think his wife is leaving him anytime soon. There's a video online where a woman is filming her husband after he wakes up from a hernia operation, and he's REALLY out of it. And when he looks at her, he doesn't know who she is . . . he just knows she's the most beautiful woman he's ever SEEN. First he calls her "eye candy," then asks if she's a MODEL . . . if they've KISSED yet . . . comments on how perfect her teeth are . . . and says he hit the JACKPOT when she tells him they're married. (Caution - He does say the "s" word) Of course if you were looking at the hottest woman you've ever seen and found out she was your wife.....you might do that too.