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Jake Kelly Needs a New Phone

by Murphy

This is Jake Kelly's phone. He uses it everyday......no one should have to suffer like this man does. He actually keeps it hidden in his pants pocket....only brings it out when he's alone, he's very ashamed. He actually cut his fingers on the broken glass. He's not allowed to get a new one either......seems his wife feels that he can't take care of anything. OK....so he made maybe one little mistake. Could have happened to anyone really.....he let his little 3 year old girl, flag down the chinese delivery guy......at night.....in the street.....during a snow storm.  How else the guy supposed to find the house? Please help end the suffering....call him this afternoon and donate to his phone fund....if nothing else, at least let him know he is not alone.....that you also suffer from that dreaded affliction known as "My Spouse Wont Let Me Have a New Phone."