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What Does Your Favorite Color Say About Your Personality?

by Susan Kennedy

I quizzed a few co-workers and friends and this seems strangely accurate!  Although, being a skeptic, I have to wonder if it's all in the way you interpret it.

RED --- Bright, Dynamic and Dramatic

YELLOW --- Creative and Artistic

ORANGE --- Social, Warm and Optimistic

PINK --- Romantic, Sensual and Sensitive

GREEN --- Practical in life, Loyal and Affectionate

BLUE --- Trustworthy, Confident and Self-Controlled

PURPLE --- Compassionate and Sensitive

BLACK --- Strong-willed and Love power

BROWN --- Reliable and Confident

WHITE --- Optimistic and Far-sighted

GRAY --- Self Reliant and Independent

What do you think?  Is your favorite color a correct description of you?

For more details and to see where I got the info click here ---> http://general-psychology.knoji.com/colors-talk-what-does-your-favorite-color-say-about-you/