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Top Ten Obsessions of 2013!!

by Susan Kennedy

The top ten obsessions of 2013 according to Yahoo

10. Bitstrips 

(so cute, i definitely did a few)

9. Selfies 

(I rarely take these of myself, way to awkward but Ill turn the camera around on me and a friend for sure!)

8. Rainbow Loom

(ummm...never heard of this, so not an obsession of mine...but maybe it should be!!)


(Don't have it, never used it...seems dumb to me, sorry lol)

6. Twerking

(Can't twerk myself, but enjoyed making fun of other people who tried..ahem, MILEY)

 5. New Hundred Dollar bill

(well, yeah, I LOVE hundreds)

4. Fifty Shade of Grey casting

(I gave out my opinion on this too many times, I'm actually getting sick of it and the movies not even out yet!)

3. The Walking Dead and Zombie apocalypses 

(I am not ashamed, completely and utterly obsessed!  Such a great show!!)

2. Breaking Bad Series Finale

(I laughed, I cried, I shook with excitement...another great show! Very sad that it's over)

1. Duck Dynasty Family

(Not going to lie, I've never seen this show, and pretty sure I never will.  It looks dumb to me, but I know ALOT of people are ridiculously obsessed...i don't get it)

There ya go...what do you think they missed?

Check out the detailed list at http://news.yahoo.com/year-in-review/2013-top-10-obsessions-list/