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~Top Halloween Costumes of 2013~

by Susan Kennedy

Trying to decide a costume can actually be very stressful (as if you need to add to it) maybe these lists will help

Here are the top 5 costumes for men (pretty much all super hero hmmm)

5. Mario (awesome!)

4. Spiderman

3. Thor

2. Bane (from Batman)

1. Batman!!  (Who doesn't want to be him??)

Top 5 costumes for women

5. Wonder Women

4. Greek Goddess

3. Batgirl

2. Disney Princess

1. Female Zombie hunter (really #1??)

This is according to myfashionten.com...not sure how accurate it is but now you have some ideas right??  But what if you want to go as a couple...well I have your top 3 couple costumes!

3. Ghostbusters (YES!!)

2. Han Solo/Princess Leia tied with Batman/Batgirl

1. Police officers/cop-prisoner combo

There ya go...what are you going as??