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Little Mess Mud Run

by Katie Schurk

My favorite time of year is rolilng around. It is time for the Hot Mess Mud Run. On August 9th if you were lucky enough to get a spot, you will get a chance to run through a challenging mud obstacle course. The part of the event I have a soft spot for is the Little Mess Mud Run. We did it for the first time last year, and the kids had a BLAST! The event kicks off at 11:05 am. You can sign up on site, on August 9th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) How early do we need to arrive prior to the event?

A.) Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your wave!

Q.) Will there be showers or changing rooms avaliable on-site?

A.) Yes! There will be both showers and changing rooms available on-site.

Q.) Will there be any hydration stops along the course?

A.) Yes, there will be a water station along the course.

Q.) What time is packet pick-up?

A.) Packet pick-up will run from 8:00am-12:00pm during the morning of the event. Arrive accordingly to pick up your packet and prepare for your wave!

Q.) Will there be day-of registration at the event?

A.) There are still spots open for the Lil Mess Mud Run. Day-of registration will be available for the Lil Mess Mud Run at the packet pick-up tent while spots last!

Q.) Is there a plan for inclement weather?

A.) The Hot Mess Mud Run is a rain or shine event!

Q.) Who benefits from my registration fee?

A.) Proceeds from the event will help to benefit NEW Community Shelter, The Center for Childhood Safety in Green Bay, and Desert Veterans of NE Wisconsin.

Q.) Will there be medical responders on-site?

A.) Yes, there will be 2 medical professionals and an emergency vehicle on-site.

Q.) What if there is an obstacle Im afraid of on the course?

A.) While the mighty obstacles of the Hot Mess Mud Run should be achievable with some courage, bravery, and effort, you can always bypass one if you must!

Q.) Are spectators allowed on the course?

A.) Yes! Of course spectators will be allowed at the event! Bring your family or friends to watch and support you as you traverse the obstacles!

Q.) Whats in store for after the race?

A.) All Mudders will be greeted by food and beverage from Festival Foods upon completion of the event.

For any additional information, please click this link.