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I Hate Brain Freezes!

by Abby

We've all done it....we've been so excited to eat ice cream or chug that slurpy that we have suffered brain freezes. Here are some ways to avoid them!

Rub the Back of Your Neck or Temples Having a nice massage is always a good way to relieve some stress and tension in your body. If you are in pain the almost automatic response is to rub the spot and make it feel better. Why wouldn’t the same thing apply to an ice cream headache.

Wait It Out You know what they say, MAN UP! You don’t need any silly remedies, grit your teeth, sit down, and wait it out

Press Your Thumb Against the Roof of Your Mouth This may not be the most effective way to stop brain freeze, but it’s the one that we use, and it works for us. Each and every person’s body emits heat, and when you place your thumb on the roof of your mouth you are warming your palate.

Press Your Tongue Against the Roof of the Mouth to Warm the Area This is the same concept as using your thumb. Your tongue is warm and will increase the temperature of your palate.

Melt Your Frosty Treat in the Microwave Melting your Frozen Treat is an inconceivable concept. It becomes a warm liquid and is not as appetizing. Have you ever tried it? Did you ever think about some ice cream soup? No, well I have and it’s actually pretty good--the sky is the limit. If your frozen treat turns into a warm refreshment you will eliminate all forms of brain freeze. It might be less filling, but try it out.

Drink a Liquid That is Warmer Than the Cold Substance If you're eating a freezing cold scoop of ice cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt, you can calmly stop a brain freeze with a room temperature drink. Most people carry around water bottles with them or have something to drink. Even if the drink is cold, as long as the drink is “warmer” than the frozen treat than the brain freeze will stop.

Use Your (Warm) Breath Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a dragon and breath fire? Well if you're one of those fire breathers in a circus this is no dream, except for the dragon part. Actually when you breathe, you are emitting warm air. If you breathe regularly you will be warming the inside of your mouth and helping to eliminate the terrorizing brain freeze.