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Weight Lifting Basics

by Christy Taylor

So you've made it to the gym...you're ready to break a sweat.

But where do you even get started?

According to fitness expert Karen Joseph, upper body is the way to go. Most women have stronger lower bodies, so its more beneficial to first work the weaker muscle groups that require more focus and effort. Experts find that plowing through tough exercises while you're still fresh can prevent injury.

They also suggest targeting the larger muscle groups first, like chest and back, before the smaller ones like triceps, biceps and forearms.

When you move on to lower body, focus on your quads and hamstrings first.
Remember that the key to a healthy, toned body is a strong CORE. Work in sit ups, planks and other ab exercises as you go.

Once you get your routine down, your goal should be to work all the muscle groups two or three times a week to get that leaner, tighter body.