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Addition to the Borgess Run welcomed by area runners

by Ken Lanphear

The two most enduring events in the local running community, the Kalamazoo Klassic and the Borgess Run For The Health of It, started out as 10K events.  Back in those days, no one heard of a 5K event.  But, as more and more people started to lace up their running shoes and hit the streets for fitness and personal growth, the 5K developed as a great "entry level" to the sport.

The Kalamazoo Klassic has retained it's 10K event thru the years and now the announcement that the 10K is joining the lineup at the 2014 Borgess Run is welcome news to the growing Kalamazoo running community.

The fastest growing individual event the past few years has been the half marathon; in fact last year it drew the biggest registration numbers of all at the Borgess.  But, it's a big jump from doing a 5K to going the half marathon route and the 10K is a really nice stepping stone for those of us looking for challenges beyond the 5K event.

Registration for next year's Borgess Run and Kalamazoo Marathon opens August 1 and the event is next May 2-4 in Kalamazoo.  There will be a Borgess Run Camp in between to help runners make the most of their 10K experience.