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Butter: Yea or Nay?

by Jeff Flynt

Is butter good for you? Is it bad for you? Is margarine better for you? Is margarine worse than butter for you?

I most of the time find myself burning on the question, "Which one's on sale?" more than those. 

But we've been led to believe that butter is not good for you. Is that true or false?

One thing is for certain, more of you are buying butter than the other stuff.

Sales of butter have jumped 65% since 2000. Talk about your "fat wallets"! Get it...oh never mind.

Anyway, the question of whether butter is a healthier food than its illegitimate cousin margarine is something that's worth considering.

If you believe the Mayo Clinic, than you should find stuff that begins with, "I can't believe...", and ends with "Crock".

If you trust a 2010 study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, you should stick with butter.

The great butter debate is the same old song and dance done with eggs.

My feeling is that butter is good for you if that's what you want to eat. The same goes for eggs, bacon or any other food that you find appetizing. 

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