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Barbecue chicken with soy sauce and butter

by Jack Taylor

As the days grow shorter and the leaves turn color, I know my barbecue season is coming to an end.  You can always, usually, grill a burger or hot dog throughout the year, but for the charcoal enthusiast the grilling season can be shorter.  If for no other reason than I store my grills for the winter.

My father would grill 1/2 chickens, split down the middle by the butcher, right over the coals.  It worked, but because the recipe calls for soy sauce it often tasted a little on the blackened side to me.  Dad insisted on no redness in the joints.  But I always liked the sauce he made for basting.

It's pretty basic:  a cup of soy sauce, the real stuff like Kikkomans preferably, squeeze a half a lemon, add a teaspoon of garlic salt, a couple tablespoons of real butter and add a quarter cup of water.  It's a lot of salt no doubt.  Substitute garlic powder and unsalted butter if you want.  It's a recipe that's not made in stone, except for the soy sauce, because you can add whatever salt or powder or real garlic or whatever you desire to it.

I barbecue chicken pieces on indirect heat with the coals pushed to the side of the grill.  It allows me to cook chicken for an hour without turning the skin to neaq black  Baste both sides and turn every fifteen minutes until the chicken is done.  Again, one chicken cut up takes a little over an hour.  That will depend on how cool the fall weather is when your barbecuing..