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Pork & Wings

by Phil O'Reilly

A delicious meal can be so simple.  Here is a great way to end your weekend with some Sunday night comfort food.  Pork chops, chicken wings, potatoes, corn and mushrooms.  I did everything but the potatoes on the charcoal grill. I applied my favorite pork rub, Rendezvous rib rub    I did about two minutes a side on direct heat on the thin chops with just to get the grill marks, 5 minutes a side on the wings.  I removed from the grill and wrapped the chops in foil with apple juice and more rub.  5 wings in foil with Frank's Red Hot  and butter in foil.  The other 5 in foil with teriyaki sauce .  In two individual foil wraps I did fresh mushrooms and corn.  I added butter, salt, pepper rib rub and soy sauce.  In the corn, I added butter, salt and pepper.  I returned all foil wraps to the grill on indirect heat for about 35 minutes.  Potatoes on the stove and this was the perfect Sunday evening meal!