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It's 12:45...why haven't you posted your lunch yet?

by Ken Lanphear

You're going thru your daily (Okay, maybe hourly) scan of Facebook to see if there's anything you're friends are up to that you need to know about, when you see a plate of spaghetti posted.

Do you have friends who post their meals on social network sites?  Are you one of them?  I admit I've done it once or twice.  Mostly outrageous desserts that defy description.  But, it's not just Facebook.  Just on Pinterest, food postings are "re-pinned" fifty percent more than fashion postings.

Used to be, people mostly posted recipes on the sites and many still do.  But, more and more people want to skip the details and go right to a picture of the finished product.

So, what is behind this?  Why do we enjoy seeing food on our social sites and isn't it just good, harmless fun.

Well, according to Dr. Laura Martin on The John Tesh Radio Show, someone who knows her stuff here, just seeing food triggers that part of our brain that says "Yeah, I want a lot of that" and can trigger over-eating even hours after you see the picture.

This is likely the reason the most shared photos of food are desserts.

How to combat this?  Well, obviously don't look.  But, Dr. Martin suggests getting into cooking.  Studies have shows people to cook have a healthier relationship with food that those who are simply voyeurs!

Happy eating!