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Teleportation "Angel" Saves Man & is Captured by Chinese Surveillance

by Jake Kelly


Does this surveillance video catch a teleportation angel saving a man on a bike from being hit by a truck?

This is an amazing video showing teleportation by an unknown being (seemingly female figured) with a hood-like jacket "saving" a man on a motor bike from complete destruction.

Notice the video frame by frame, see how the "Angel" being has glowing hands after the teleportation, it's hands in motion as if in "activation" mode then returns the hands back into it's pockets afterwards, it's feet/face also seemingly glowing slightly.

And how there are 2 separate circles that appear and then disappear from the 2 areas of teleportation ALONG with the brake marks from the truck!!! Notice the truck driver looking under his truck expecting to find someone but is perplexed... The guy on the motorbike - he is disoriented and has to sit - energies are way too intense. Notice how humble this "being" is and just simply walks away after assisting him..


Do you believe it? A fake? A guardian Angel perhaps?? Some other inter-dimensional being there to assist JUST in the nick of time?? I've herd of many personal accounts of angelic beings coming to save ones life or groups of lives from destruction... What do you think??