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popular companies that they think will be gone by 2014.

by Jake Kelly

Each year Wall Street puts out an early obituary on a handful of popular companies that they think will be gone by 2014. Here's this year's list.

1. J.C. Penney - with a huge branding and marketing change that ended up being a bust, the company is having a hard time bouncing back.

2. Nook - the Barnes and Noble e-reader is having a hard time keeping up with the competition.

3. Martha Stewart Living Magazine - Each of Martha's magazines have been slowly folding - this one is next.

4. LivingSocial - daily deals sites are in trouble - and being one step behind Groupon, who are struggling themselves, is not promising.

5. Volvo - with too much competition and too little consumer support this brand will likely fold in the US.

6. Olympus - the digital camera business is a hard one to be in - and if you aren't Sony, Cannon or Nikon - forget it.

7. WNBA - with awful attendance and its biggest fan - the commissioner, retiring in 2014, things don't look hopeful for women's basketball.

8. Leap Wireless - with all of its competitors joining forces, Leap has become a very small fish that hasn't been able to survive.

9. Mitsubishi Motors - with sales nose-diving in the US, this Japanese car manufacturer will focus on home soil sales.

10. Road + Track Magazine - with car and driver fans dwindling and the inability to make ad goals, this longtime mag will lose out to competition.