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Daycare Teacher Fired For Leaving Classroom To Save Children

by Jake Kelly

A Florida day care teacher was fired for putting out a fire at her school.

While her students were napping she smelled something burning and went to check it out.  She saw a fire in the oven and tried to put it out.

The fire alarm went off, so she ran back to her room, woke the kids up, and got them outside safely. All the other teachers did the same thing.

She went back inside to make sure everyone got out safely and saw it was just a fire contained to the stove.

She grabbed a fire extinguisher and put it out.

After the fire department came to the school and deemed it safe to re-enter, she was fired.


Because she left the room… even though the children were sleeping, the "teachers are supposed to be there."

The school is standing behind their decision to fire her.