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Daughtry Walks Off Stage After Encore Request In Honor Of D-Day

by Jake Kelly

Daughtry performed on Friday morning on Fox News Fox & Friends as part of the shows All-American Summer Concert Series and when the host asked, Since today is D-Day, what patriotic song could we all sing?

Daughtry responded, Im off the clock. Im going to watch yall.

After folks on social media attacked Daughtry, he went to YouTube Saturday to give a heartfelt apology.

Hey everybody, I wish I was coming to you right now under better circumstances. In that moment, I was thrown off. Unprepared and I panicked. It was absolutely disrespectful. Poor choice of words. Terrible judgement. And the worst part of all, I didnt honor our troops. I didnt honor our vets who are so deserving and sacrificed everything, their lives. Have sacrificed everything for our country. What I do is miniscule in comparison and will never live up to what they do for our country.