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See What New Country Artist Got Married Over the Weekend!

by Vanessa Ryan

Clara Henningsen, of the new family trio The Henningsens, married her new husband Jacob Calaway over the weekend in her hometown of Atwood, Illinois. 

According to People, her wedding on the family farm where her parents Debbie and Brian Henningsen raised her and her nine siblings was perfect.  Clara, 23, says, "It just felt right to get married in the house that built me, the farm where I grew up. It is a blessed place.”

Clara and Jacob, 30, met on the beach in Florida, which just happened to be her first trip to the gulf coast.  Clara explains, "A mutual friend introduced us one night when we were all hanging out on the beach/ I had my guitar and they asked me to play some music, so I sang the song my dad and I wrote for Band Perry, 'All Your Life.' Later Jacob told me that the friend that introduced us kind of nudged him and said, ‘Dude, she's totally singing right to you!' I admit, I kind of was! So that became our song."

Did you know along with "All Your Life", the trio also wrote "You Lie" for The Band Perry? Very talented family!

Check out Clara with her dad Brian, and her brother Brian as The Henningsens in their video for their first single "American Beautiful" below...