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Duck Dynasty gets bigger

by Rat

Season 4 of Duck Dynasty has finally arrived! After months of negotiations the family did in fact get the raise that many argue they deserve. Now the Robertson family will receive two hundred thousand dollars per episode that will be split by the family. With their clothing and accessory line selling huge in stores like Walmart it looks like you can expect more. Expect to see three more books due out in stores including another memoir, a devotional book, and a new cookbook. They will also be launching the Duck Cruise with a four night cruise of the Caribbean and featuring the entire Robertson family along with music from American Idol winner Scotty McCreery. That cruise is set for next summer and is already sold out. There is also a line of prom dresses due out that is designed by daughter Sadie Robertson. Not to mention rumors of a Si Robertson spin off. If we have learned anything, it is that this family is very good at making money, Jack! 

teaser image courtesy of Art Streiber of A&E