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The "Air & Sunlight" Diet - NOT RECOMMENDED! (Even if you look like Barbie...)

by Corey Carter

There is a Ukrainian model, who has had a BUNCH of plastic surgery so she looks like Barbie (yeah, the doll.)  

If that isn't strange enough, despite her 19-inch waist, she says she wants to lose MORE weight.  

How?  The "Air and Sunlight" Diet.   Seriously.  

The scary thing is, there is actually a term for this "diet"...it's called "Breatharianism"...and it is physically impossible.   People have died trying it.  

This woman is obviously insane, but if you want to see what she looks like (CREEPY) click HERE . 

Please send her sandwiches.  And a mirror.  And a trip-voucher back from "la-la-land".  

By Barbie (http://www.barbiemedia.com/images/web-logo.png) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons