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80's Arcade Night at the Neville Museum!

by Corey Carter

Take a step back into an 80's Arcade with WIXX and play MANY of the over 80 games at the Neville Museum's "Golden Age of Video Games" exhibit on Tues. 8/6 at 6pm!  We'll be dimming the lights, playing 80's music and you even have a chance to win prizes if you dress up in your 80's gear! 

Listen to win tickets on WIXX.  Here's more about the exhibit:

The Golden Age of Video Arcade Games from the Collection of Bradley Czech

Sat, May 25, 2013 - Mon, Sep 2, 2013

This exhibition gives you an opportunity to take a trip back in time and visit an Arcade during the height of their popularity.  With titles like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, and Frogger, the phenomenon would evolve into a multi-billion dollar industry. This integral part of popular culture would inspire everything from lunchboxes to sleeping bags, to top 40 songs and popular TV shows. The Golden Age was a time of great technical and design creativity, and these games would go on to change the face of the entertainment world.  

The development of much more advanced home gaming systems as well as a number of other factors lead to the eventual demise of most Arcades. Game manufacturers dried up, and the industry as a whole collapsed. Today, actual Arcades and the classic games within them are all but lost… until now.  

This exhibition allows you to view  the popular games of the time. Arcade enthusiast Bradley Czech brings one of the most extensive and elite collections in the midwest to our galleries.  With over 80 original dedicated machines, it's sure to bring you back to the sights and sounds of the Arcades of yesteryear. Come reminisce about your favorite Arcade memories or pass them along to your children. 

The Golden Age of Video Arcade Games is sponsored by the Byron L. Walter Family Trust, Schneider National Foundation, Inc., Local 5 WFRV TV, the Cornerstone Foundation of Northeastern Wisconsin, Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Travel.

Thanks also to the David R. Charles Sr. Family Foundation, Inc., the Lux Foundation, Dr. Richard and Ellen Horak, the Norman L. Jensen Trust, the Kaap Charitable Trust, Pomp’s Tire Service, K.C. Stock Foundation and the Neville Art Guild for their support.