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6 Things I Learned at the Goo Goo Dolls Concert

by Corey Carter

I attended the "Otis Midnight Sessions" tour recently - an acoustic, "storytellers" setting - where you find out a LOT about the band. Here are some things that I learned:

1-Johnny Rzeznik does a 40 minute vocal warm-up every time before hitting stage. During that time nobody can talk to him.

2-Johnny Rzeznik doesn't like light beer. After asking the crowd if they sold beer, a few people brought him up light beers, to which he responded: "LIGHT F#$&*ing beer?!?! What are you on a diet?!?!" (He then graciously thanked them - so not to come across rude - it was pretty funny!)

3-Johnny talked about meeting famous people or people he looks up to in the industry. He talked about the opportunity to meet Sting (of the Police) once, but was told to wait as Sting had to pee. After 40 minutes of waiting, Johnny left and has never met Sting. Apparently, Sting does more than one thing "tantrically."

4-After Johnny sang the National Anthem at the Packers game this past December (in which he was terrified to screw up). After talking about how cold it was, when he got up to the warm suite to watch the game, he noticed that the cold weather had a "ken doll" effect...(he left it up to the imagination what exactly that means...)

5-While preforming the 1998 hit "Slide", a man with an accordion played in the background. I've heard that song like 10,000 times and I've NEVER heard it...but it wasdefinitelyan accordion!

6-Robby Takak (the Bass player and one of the co-founders of the group) told a funny "Green Bay" story - kinda: In about 1988, when they hopped into a van with no windows (creepy!) to start playing their music around the country, their first "tour manager" said that besides a mattress and all the sound equipment in their van, they needed a garbage can. So he gave them a Green Bay Packers Paul Horning garbage can (??) Both Johnny and Robby said that garbage can was vomited in several times.