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2 Of A Kind Testicle Festival....Really?!?!? ((PICS))

by Corey Carter

Living in Green Bay for almost 4 years now, I'm still learning the "area' - landmarks, events etc...

So it's always fun when I discover something new.
Today as I came into work there were 2 women standing in our lobby and they asked me if I wanted to try "one of these":

I asked what they were. Their reply was:

"Chuckle Chuckle...ummm...chicken nuggets...chuckle chuckle..."

Then they said they were actually TESTICLES : (pigs??) Here's what they look like before being battered/fried:

Call me a wimp...I did NOT try one. Just couldn't do it...sorry.

The women were here to promote their festival this weekend, which is called the "2-of-A-Kind Testicle Festival" in the metropolis of Dundas, WI. ("Home of two bars and not quite 1 church...near Kaukauna..." according to the women.")

But I did tell them I'd let the masses know with a blog post! So enjoy...here's some more info on it...if you are interested!