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  • Robinator

    Posted by Otis Day

    It's like if 'Gladiator' was made with swords and stared Russell Crowe.  Wait a second...it is that.  The director also directed 'Gladiator'.  Both movies star Russell.  There seems to be a lot of sword and sword fighting stuff in it.  So I dub thee "Robinator."

  • Nicole Kidman Make-up fail

    Posted by Otis Day

    Nicole Kidman makeup problem

    Good news!  There's a job opening for Nicole Kidman's Stylist.  Can you keep a fancy star from walking out on the red carpet at her new movie with what appears to be half a bag of flour on her face?  You can?  You're hired!  The picture on the left is Nicole at the "Nine" premiere in L.A. 12/9/09.  The picture on the right is  Nicole at the "Nine" premiere in N.Y. 12/15/09.  Sometimes it's okay to just let your face be shiny. 

  • Lady Gaga's 'Christmas Tree'

    Posted by Otis Day

    This is the new Lady Gaga Christmas song.  Now before you say, "Oh my god...she jumped on the Christmas song bandwagon like everyone else,"  get the kids out of the room....and listen to the song.  "My Christmas Tree's delicious" is one of the many lines that makes Madonna's version of "Santa Baby" seem like a Winnie the Pooh song.  Enjoy!

  • Now I wish I was a snowplow driver

    Posted by Otis Day

    Wednesday December 16, 2009

    Last night as I screwed up during the top 9(nothing big...just didn't have a song ready and had to turn the mic on and talk about how I wasn't ready as I got ready,) I realized that yesterday marked 12 years that I have been doing nights at WIXX.  Dan Stone called me up around Thanksgiving to tell me the news....I remember hanging the phone up and shouting very loudly.  I was glad to be coming back to Wisconsin.  It's been the most fun I've ever had at a job.  Thank you all very much for allowing me to continue to do it.  It's an honr and a privilege.  If i weren't working at WIXX...I'd be a snowplow driver.  We sure could use a few more this year.

    *The best thing to come out of all the Tiger Woods mess is this T-shirt.

    *When I had braces

    *How good do you look when you wake up?

  • Britney Spears '3'-The Directors Cut

    Posted by Otis Day

    Is it just me, or everytime you look at Britney do you think about the hair?  Cause ever since she shaved it, I can't stop wondering if we're back to full on real hair, or if she's doing that "I have a lot of money so I run out and get fake hair that looks better than most of your real hair does" thing.  Anyway, enjoy the Directors Cut of "3".

  • Date John Mayer

    Posted by Otis Day

    John Mayer, wearing a sweater I used to get beat up in, talking to Ellen about dating and how he isn't right now.  *Gulp*  Wow.  Go get 'em girls!

  • I'd still take the escalator

    Posted by Otis Day

    They found out that by making the stairs more exciting, more people would use them.  So it's boredom that's keeping me out of shape.  That and all the double cheeseburgers.  And the laziness.  And chips.

  • And me with my lit up wreath...

    Posted by Otis Day

    Christmas Lights Hero

    This is just crazy.  Is it real?  I think it is...and it gets out of hand cool.  Hang in a minute so you can see how big this gets.  Did I just say "Hang in a minute so you can see how big this gets?"  Wow... 

  • Gamblers slingshot of death

    Posted by Otis Day

    Tuesday December 15, 2009

    Hudson looking out at the gamblers game

    WIXX was at Friday and Saturday nights Green Bay Gamblers games over the weekend, giving out keywords and sliding all over the ice.  Jessie was out Friday night and did the Human Slingshot.  She doesn't weigh but a dollar two so when they pulled that sucker back and let it go....she flew into the pins(and eventually the wall) at NASCAR speed. 

    So when I got out there Saturday night, they were a bit timid.  I think they were scared to give me the full throttle(since I weigh twice...uh, three times what she does) I think inertia scared them.  You know, an object in motion tends to stay in motion.  They were afraid if I was given the full slingshot power, I'd crash through the wall and take out the people who were sitting in the party deck(serves them right for listening to another station!  JK:)  So I think they wimped a bit.  Oh, and I fell back and my back caught part of the  slingshot.  I barely made it past the halfway mark on the ice.  So here I am, sitting on the sled in the middle of the ice with 4 thousand people wondering why I didn't hit the pins?

    otis sitting on the ice at the gamblers game

    So i decided at that point I was either gonna punch Ace out...or run over to the pins and knock them all down.  Ace is kinda tough, so I chose running on the ice to knock a punch of inflatable bowling pins over.

    Otis running on the ice to knock the bowling pins over

    I knocked all the pins over....then fell down.  And it was all captured by the camera guys and anyone in the stands with a camera phone(So everyone but Average Joe.)

    Otis after he fell on the ice

    *Judging from this picture, the end of the world may come before 2012

    *Real life Secret Santa

    *Gatorade cashing in on the Tiger Woods drama

  • Kid Cudi is kind of a D$#k

    Posted by Otis Day

    So what is it with Dance/Hip Hop artists not liking money on stage?  This is Kid Cudi punching a fan for throwning a wallet on stage.  This was from a show in Vancouver over the weekend.  Someone threw a wallet on stage.  Kid Cudi returned it...but to the wrong guy.  That guy, knowing the wallet wasn't his....threw it back onstage.  Kid Cudi punched him in the face.  That last line is the confusing one for me. 

    Remember when Pitbull punched the guy in the face for throwing money on stage?  These are hard times fella's.  What's with not wanting extra cash?

  • Jay Sean is Punk

    Posted by Otis Day

    Remember when Framing Hanley redid Lil Wayne's "Lollipop?"  I remember thinking how good of an idea that was.  Rock bands redoing r and b songs.  This kids has taken the huge hit "Down" from Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne and punked it up a lil.  Enjoy.