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  • Song made ONLY out of Terminator 2 sounds

    Posted by Otis Day

    This is a song made up entirely of sounds from Terminator 2.  My question is...how does somebody have time to do this?  Are they making money off it?  Cause if not....how can you justify spending all this time putting something like this together?  I barely have time to put the laundry away after folding it and leaving in on the couch for a week...how can someone spend so much time on something like this?  How many days did you have to take off work at Radio Shack to do finish?

  • Letterman's advice to NBC

    Posted by Otis Day

    Wednesday January 13, 2010

    "Free Genius TV advice" from David Letterman.  Conan says he won't do the Tonight Show at a later time.  Who should they give the Tonight show to?  Kimmel?  Fallon?  Craig Ferguson?  Jon Stewart?  Letterman?  Howard Stern?  Maino?  Leno again?

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  • The A-Team Trailer

    Posted by Otis Day

    The A-Team movie opens June 11th, 2010.  And the Mohawk lives!

  • SHOCKER!!!! Simon leaving American Idol

    Posted by Otis Day

    simon cowell

    Monday January 11, 2010

    Simon Cowell will be leaving American Idol after this season.  According to Yahoo.com:

    Simon Cowell, the acerbic Brit who has helped give "American Idol" some of its sharpest — and nastiest — moments, will leave the popular singing show after this season.

    The cantankerous judge said that "The X Factor," a show he created and is a hit in Britain, will join Fox's schedule next year. Cowell will be on "The X Factor."

    Cowell's decision is the biggest threat yet to what has been the country's most popular TV program and a true cultural force. This season, original host Paula Abdul has been replaced by Ellen DeGeneres.

    But Cowell, with his caustic commentary, has long been seen as the big star of "Idol."

    He said it would have been difficult for him to do both shows. While he makes a reported $36 million a year to be on "American Idol," he owns "The X Factor" and could make much more if the show takes off.

    Cowell and top Fox executives made the announcement to reporters in Pasadena at a meeting of the Television Critics Association, saying they had reached an agreement only a few hours before.

    "I was offered a lot of money to stay on," Cowell said. "But that wasn't the reason behind it. I wanted to do something different. I wanted a new challenge."

    Peter Price, chairman of the Fox Broadcasting Co., would not speculate on possible replacements for Cowell.

    "We have to take our time on that," Price said. "We have to make sure the chemistry of the judges is as good as it can be."

    Cowell said he didn't want to leave "American Idol" at a time when it was fading in the ratings.

    "You want to leave on a high," he said. "I'm very proud of what the show has achieved."


    AP Television Writer David Bauder contributed to this report.

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  • The Jay Leno Show cancelation confirmed by NBC

    Posted by Otis Day


    jay leno caricature

    NBC has confirmed that they are canceling the 9pm(10E) Jay Leno Show starting February 12th.  They said that Jay has been offered his 10:35 slot back, for a half an hour with Conan being offered 11:05pm, Fallon to 12:05....and no mention of Carson Daily(but isn't that normal?).  If I were Conan, I'd walk directly over to Fox and get that 10pm slot that is wide open.  He'd get the jump on Letterman, plus on Fox he wouldn't have to worry about trying to keep Leno's 'older' audience.  Conan could bring back all the crazy stuff he did to make Late Night With Conan O'Brien such a unique and funny show.  Not the watered down thing he's doing at 10:35 now. UPDATE: 1/11/10 1pm-Conan has apparently already had talks with Fox about moving to their 10pm(11E) slot.

    Now if I were Jay...I'd do the exact same thing.  He should go over to Fox and get the respect he deserves. 

    I LOVE Craig Ferguson.  He works with no cue cards, and his ability to run off the cuff with just an idea is fun to watch.  Average Joe and I saw him a few years ago do Stand up at Northstar Mohican Casino.  I'm so unorganized that I have no idea where my picture is....but here's Average Joe's(from his facebook page.)

    average joe and craig ferguson

  • Training for the Polar Plunge 2010

    Posted by Otis Day

    Friday January 8, 2010

    So I'm jumping in the frozen waters at Menominee park in Oshkosh February 20th, 2010 in the 'Freezin for a reason' Polar Plunge for Special Olympics.  Well, I should rephrase that.  I'm jumping in, if I raise $2010 dollars.  I thought it would be easy.  But just a few days into it....I'm kinda stuck around 270 dollars.  I can't show up and NOT jump in.  What's the point?  I HAVE to jump in.  But I can't cover the other 1740.00$'s on my own.  But....if everyone that can donates even as little as 2 bucks(5 would be great...but I'm not picky,) I can show up with $2010 dollars for Special Olympics and YOU can watch(either in person or the video that is sure to come) a chunky WIXX Dj freeze his bottom off for a great cause.  If you can't donate....how about joining my team and jumping in or raising money for a 'Too chicken to plunge' team?

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  • Who has better hair?

    Posted by Otis Day

    lady gaga hat hair

    otis in a tie

    Why don't you just rub it in Lady Gaga!  Thanks a lot.  Alright....let's settle it once and for all.  Who has better hair?  Me or Lady Gaga?  You can vote by commenting.  Pretty sure I'll win.

  • Koala's don't care about Tennis

    Posted by Otis Day

    This is Tennis star Andy Roddick in Australia at a wildlife sanctuary.  The Koala's in the backround got a bit of screen time too!  Score is 15 Lust!

  • I can stand on one leg for 15 seconds...

    Posted by Otis Day

    Thursday January 7, 2010

    I'm doing the Polar Plunge "Freezin' For A Reason 2010" in Oshkosh on February 20th in Oshkosh.  I opened my big fat mouth and said I'd jump in if I raised 2010 dollars.  That wasn't a very smart idea.  What if I actually make that much money?  Thankfully I'm pretty sure I won't make it.  Unless you donate.  But you're not gonna do that, are you?  Nawwwhhh!

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