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  • May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor....

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    The world is ending once again....

    This chart was done by creative agency JESS3, the apocalypse has been predicted previously a full 182 times! 

    If it doesn't happen tomorrow, don't worry. It's not the end of the world.

  • This better be as good as the first!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    You won't have to wait long at all for the "Anchorman" sequel. It's due out on December 20th, 2013. Literally one year from today! 

    There's no word on the plot, but the entire news team is returning: Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and David Koechner.

  • My weakness....

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I could eat so many of these and not get sick! Well, eventually I would get sick....HAHA!

  • How To Cut A Pizza

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I love the last option and I am going to try it the next time I have a pizza because I am cool like that. Hahaha! :D

  • This is for real!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Look at the Rock's legs!!!! Dwayne Johnson tweeted "Sometimes the most important victories are just for yourself. LEGS. #5KneeSurgeries #RupturedDiscs #StillFindAWay"

    I wonder what he's taking...hahaha!

  • How to Pick the Right Holiday Movie!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    There are so many Christmas movies it's hard to pick which one to watch. There are certain movies that I have to watch each year like:

    Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Christmas Story, Elf, Santa Claus 1,2 and 3

    I can relate on not knowing what other movies to pick! Now I'll be able to use this flowchart from!

  • Just the Typical Letter From Your Neighbor

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I would not know what to do if this happened to me but, I know I wouldn't be happy. Then again I do not know my neighbors! Haha! I would laugh about a few days later though :) 

  • What a heartbreaking story....

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    An incredible and very heartbreaking story has emerged about how one girl survived the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. She did this when every single one of her classmates was murdered......

    A six-year-old first grade girl was the only person out of her class to survive the shooters attack and she did it thank to an instinct we can't believe she had.

    I cannot believe she thought about hiding among her classmates bodies and play dead! She even fooled the shooter because he moved on without killing her.

    The girl was the first person to escape from the school! 

    We've been hearing a lot of stories from this terrible shooting but, this one struck me the most! Tears rolled down my face as I read the headline. I cannot imagine what this littler girl did and the guts she had to do that! She is a very smart girl and a very brave girl! 

    Listen to some audio from Jim Solomon, the little girl's pastor at her church, talking to Lara Spencer on what she said to her Mom.

    (ABC News)


  • Holiday Party Bingo That Covers All The Bases

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Tis the season to hang out with your family and coworkers! Flavorpill has found a way to make your holiday parties a little more fun! 

    They've put together this awesome Bingo board to help you get through the season. 


  • The Voice - Tribute to Sandy Hook Elementary School

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I was watching the finals for The Voice and this is how they opened up the show.... 

    It made me tear up and it was a very nice gesture to all the ones the world lost on Friday. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and friends who were involved in this major tragedy! Remember to keep the ones you love close! Hug them and say I love you EVERY time you see them!