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  • Here's Another Text Message

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    On Rachel's Rewind I played "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" by Cutting Crew and this is a text message I received! 

  • Awesome Dinner Tonight!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I stopped by my Mom's because she made salmon! How does this look? It tastes AMAZING!

    I shouldn't eat all of it but, I think I will :)

  • Overreacting Much?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    This made me laugh like crazy! These people think 50s are cold! Come to Wisconsin! We will show you cold :)

  • Dog-Lion? Say WHAT!!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    On Tuesday, FOUR people in Norfolk, Virginia called 911 to report a BABY LION running loose in the streets.  Fortunately, it wasn't . . . it was just a DOG that was GROOMED to look like a lion.  The dog is a Labrador-poodle mix and its owner gave it a dyed MANE and a puffy tail to look like a lion.  The dog had gotten free and was running in the streets . . . it's been reunited now with its owner.



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  • Weirdest House Rules You'll Ever Read

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Laura Evelyn from London posted a photo on her Twitter account of "house rules" she was given after viewing a room for rent. The list contained 31 very weird do's and don'ts for the house including one that prohibits guests unless discussed with the landlord two weeks in advance. 

    Take a look at these! HOW CRAZY! I bet this guy will have a hard time finding a roommate!