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  • Five Relationship Fights Worth Having

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    According to a recent relationship poll from, the most common thing couples fight over is each other's family. Apparently it accounts for about 45% of all fights.

    Another poll showed that 58% of people think fighting is inevitable. So the key is to have productive arguments. Here are their top five things that they say are worth fighting over:

    1.) Spending Habits. If you're really careful with money but the other person's not, it's worth bringing up, because it's something that will directly affect you once you have a joint bank account.

    2.) How Healthy Each of Your Lifestyles Are. Meaning, if you're playing tenis five days a week and they smoke two packs a day, that might be a problem. It's important to talk about it early, because it might eventually be a deal breaker.

    3.) The Other Person's Bad Temper. Especially if you're starting to worry about your own safety, physically or emotionally. A short fuse doesn't usually show up in the first few months you're dating. But, if it eventually does, it's worth talking about.

    4.) Bathroom Habits. Like going with the door open or how mess the other person leaves the sink. The reason this fight is worth having is because you'll almost definitely be able to resolve it.

    5.) Being a Team. If it's starting to feel like you're not, they you should bring it up. Usually it's because one person feels like they've been offering a lot of support, but they haven't been getting git in return. Or, they don't feel appreciated.


    I would have to agree with these fights! What I want to know from you is, what is a fight you and your significant other have ALL the time and it never gets solved?

  • Biggest Egg Ever Has A Surprise Inside!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    This is CRAZY! Couldn't not believe what actually was inside! I think the guy was shocked too because he kept saying, "shut up!" HAHA!

  • Of Course She Would Be Getting A Divorce!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I think we all knew this marriage wasn't going to last. "Teen Mom 2" Star Jenelle Evans announced she wants out of her marriage after less than two months tying the not with Courtland Rogers.

    This morning she posted on Facebbok saying, "I am getting a divorce, ASAP." Which was after she just got out of the hospital for a mysterious injury that allegedly put her and her unborn child in danger.

    "YOU *blank* LEAVE OUT OF TOWN AND I MIGHT BE HAVING A MISCARRIAGE?! *Blank* U, U *blank* PIECE OF *blank*!" She is so lady like, isn't she?

    There is no word on what actually went wrong but, going through Janelle's Facebook and tweets, it sounds like she thinks Courtland was trying to hook up with other women behind her back.

    The only thing Courtland tweeted was, "I never did anything ot hurt my wife I always loved her with every ounce of my heart."

    The two are expecting their first child together. Both have kids from previous relationships but, do not have custody of them. Of course they don't!

    A two month marriage may not seem very long, but by Hollywood standards, it's nowhere near the shortest celeb marriage. The winner of that title is.....Rudolph Valentina and Jean Acker and it was a length of 6 hours!

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  • What Is Your Opinion On Beyonce Lip Syncing At The Inauguration?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Beyonce has been getting a lot of heat from not singing live at President Obama's Inauguration on Monday. I personally think if everyone else was able to sing live she should have been able to sing live. Maybe she was sick, maybe the delay was bad but, don't they have the ear piece for a reason? Plus it's The National Anthem! Shouldn't that be always be sung live?

    Listen to Kelly Clarkson's LIVE version of "My Country, Tis of Thee." 

    Alright, that is my opinion and now I want to know yours! 


  • This Looks Nasty BUT Tastes Really Good!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I've been on a health kick recently. While I was on Pinterest, I found this smoothie recipe and had to try it out!


    2 cups of frozen strawberries

    1/2 frozen banana

    2 tablespoons of flaxseed (which you can find by the flour, if you needed to know)

    3 cups of baby spinach

    1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk


    You cannot taste the spinach! You need to get past the look of the smoothie because it just tastes like strawberries! I promise you!

  • Check Out What I Wore To Work Tonight

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    We all know I get really cold in the studio at night because they turn the heat way down at night. I wear sweats all the time to try and stay warm and I even bring a blanket sometimes. 

    I was talking to a friend and he brought up the idea of wearing long underwear. At first I was like, that's stupid but, really it's a great idea! I am so glad I listened to him. I am nice and toasty warm at work tonight :)

  • Doesn't This Guy Sound Like The Sweetest Guy?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    According to a new survey, guys have acted like jerks for so long, women don't expect them to be gentlemen.  And if they DO try, women get suspicious.  Four in five women want to pay for their own dinner on a date . . . nine in 10 won't let a guy help them carry shopping bags . . . and 11 in 12 wouldn't take a seat if a man offered his.

    I agree with this a little bit. I think every girl has dated a jerk in their life. They tried to fix the relationship and it failed. Deep down every woman wants a sweet, nice guy. A gentlemen! But, I don't agree that girls don't expect guys to be gentlemen. A guy should know how to treat a lady!

    I also agree about women paying for themselves on the first date. I do it because if the date doesn't go well, I won't feel bad that the guy paid for the date. I will always carry my own shopping bags though even if I had a boyfriend! My mom knows this first hand! Haha!

    I talked about this on air and I had this adorable guy call in and this is what he said! Take a listen! Sorry I don't have his numbers ladies.....


    What a Sweet Guy

  • The NFL: A Bad Lip Read

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    This is SOOO funny! I probably looked funny laughing all by myself but oh well! :)