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  • 9 Year-Old Girl Gives Birth In Mexico

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    My mouth dropped all the way down to the ground when I saw this! Totally in shock still!

    A 9 year-old girl, Dafne, in Mexico has given birth. She delivered a 5.7 pound baby girl by cesarean section on January 27th in Zonquipan Hospital in Jalisco, an area in western Mexico.

    Apparently the father is a boy who is 17, but they have not found him since he ran away. The girl was only 8 years-old when she became pregnant. 

    This is all still under investigation.


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  • Too Soon For a Newtown Movie?

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    A Director says he's traveling to Connecticut to prepare for a TV movie related to the Newtown school shooting. 

    Jonathan Bucari told News 12 Connecticut he planned ot visit Ridgefield on Monday. Ridgefield is 20 miles southwest of Newtown, where a gunman fatally shot 20 first graders, six educators and himself in December.

    WVIT-TV reports Bucari's film company says the film focuses on a 13-year-old boy with mental illness and a fear of his parents after the shooting.

    Bucari says he picked Ridgefield because it looks like Newtown and he didn't want to upset Newtown residents so soon after the killings. 

    Ridgefield schools superintendent Deborah Low says the timing is poor.


    I do not think this is good idea at all! It is way too soon to do a movie based off the shooting. I think he should wait AT LEAST a year! He should be a little more considerate of the families who are still grieving!

  • Oh Snap Beyonce!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    YUP! She can sing! Glad she sang the National Anthem LIVE this time! :) Now I'm excited for the half time show Sunday!

  • Mary-Kate Olsen's $350,000 Promise Ring

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    Apparently Mary-Kate Olsen's boyfriend, who could be her dad, Olivier Sarkozy, recently proposed by a $350,000 12-carat marquise cut diamond ring, but she hesitated when it came to saying yes.

    One of Mary-Kate's friends said she's enjoying her time with Olivier, but she is only 26 years old and is in no rush to get married. 

    Mary-Kate didn't want to keep the ring, but Olivier insisted, so they are calling it a "promise ring."

    That is ONE expensive "promise ring." Now if that is her promise ring, Olivier will have to buy a bigger ring for the engagement ring right? HAHA! I think he just shot him self in the foot with that one!



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  • JC Chasez from N'SYNC Serenades Suprised Sorority Girls

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    How cool would this be? Former N'SYNC star JC Chasez surprised members of the University of Southern California's Delta Delta Delta Sorority. The girls were enjoying a meal when JC showed up to sing. Watch him sing "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers to the sorority girls!

  • Seriously?? A Mother Forced Toddler To Get A Tattoo!!!!

    Posted by Rachel Leigh

    I CANNOT believe a mother would do this to their child! She held down her three-year-old and forced her child to get a tattoo! SERIOUSLY!! What is wrong with her?

    This happened in Havana, Cuba. It's not clear what the tattoo's of, but a website in the Dominican Republic claims it's a "666" tattoo, and that his mom is a member of a cult called the Growing in Grace International Ministry. They're based around a guy who claims he's the second coming of Jesus and the Antichrist, but supposedly it's not a Satanic thing. 

    This is all so messed up! That poor child held down againt his will! This is a pretty disturbing video just beacuse of the kid crying. 

    Would you say this is abuse? I think it is!


    Watch the video here!

  • Again??

    Posted by Rachel Leigh


    Chris Brown is under investigation for an alleged assault in a West Hollywood parking lot, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Deputies responded to a report of six men fighting Sunday night found the scene clear, but were told by witnesses there had been a brief fight over a parking space. (Really this is all over a PARKING space?)

    The altercation allegedly led to Chris Brown punching a victim. The "victim" wasn' identified, but the celebrity website TMZ,which first reported the fight outside the Westlake Recording Studio, said it also involved Frank Ocean, one of the top nominees at the Grammy Awards next month.

    In a Twitter posting, Ocean said he "got jumped by chris and a couple guys. lol. I only wish everest was there." Ocean suffered a finger cut.

    We all know this isn't the first time Chris Brown got into a fight.  No arrests have been made at this time.


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